Intimate Apparel

Intimate Apparel runs  at the Elayne Bernstein Theatre at Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, MA until August 13. The company has added two matinees on August 8 and 9  for this popular play by Lynn Nottage.

Bob and I spoke with Daniela Varon, the director, and actress Nehassaiu deGannes, who plays Esther, the main character. Their positive feelings for the play were evident. Later when Bob and I saw the play we were transported back to 1905  where the young seamstress  Esther hoped to find a  life  for herself in New York City different from what the South offered African-American women at the time. The dreams and destinies of Esther and her friends, male and female, were shaped by the society that hovers outside the small bedrooms they inhabit. Their world comes alive as we feel their hopes, their pain and their moments of connecting to each other. If you have never seen the play, you should. If you have seen it, revisiting a play is always a joy to see how a new cast offers new insights.

Listen to the interview by clicking below

Intimate Apparel interview

Then go to the website by clicking on the link   or call (413) 637-1199 for tickets.

Shakespeare and Company website


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