Enrico Spada: A Life in the Theatre

Bob and I first saw Enrico as an actor in the Shakepeare and Company’s production of The Real Inspector Hound. After that we kept encountering him everywhere in a variety of roles. When we didn’t see him, we noted his name in theatre programs for sound design or graphics. In his role as a producer/director, he founded the Pittsfield Shakespeare in the Park, now in its fourth year. We have enjoyed the  productions which are free.  We decided it was time to talk with him about all these aspects of his life in the theatre. He is not only a creative artist, but technically adept as well. We discovered this directly as we had left an important piece of equipment at home. Enrico supplied a substitute. We were impressed as always.

Click below to hear our talk with him.

Enrico Spada Interview

Then click below for information about the Pittsifield Shakespeare in the Park which ends on August 6. It is an outstanding performance of Twelfth Night in the open air

Pittsfield Shakespeare in the Park

Then click on Enrio’s website

Enrico Spada Website

Twelfth Night


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