Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow

Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow plays until August 6 on the Nikos Stage at the     Williamstown Theatre Festival. This variation on Anton Chekov’s Three Sisters may elicit different responses from members of the audience, depending on how they feel about the original play.

Bob has a long history with the play. When we were first married many years ago, Bob stage managed Three Sisters at the off-Broadway Fourth Street Theatre in New York for seven months, one of the play’s  longest  runs. Since then we have seen many productions of the play including John Housman’s Acting Company’s production with Kevin Kline and David Ogden Stiers. We also enjoyed the Nikos Psacharopoulos’  Chekov productions at the Williamstown Theatre Fesrtival.

Seeing Halley Feiffer’s version was intriguing, like visiting old friends who have shed many of the inhibitions of the past. They are familiar, the same and different with a new vocabulary.

Click below to see what Bob and I have to say about it.

Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow Discussion

Then click on the Williamstown Theatre website to order tickets and see what else is being performed.

Williamstown Theatre Festival website

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