The Clean House

Priscilla Lopez and Jayne Atkinson

The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl is at the Williamstown Theatre until July 29. There is still time to get to see it if you call the box office at 413-458- 3253 or click on the link for their website below. During the summer, plays have short runs and one needs to either subscribe to a theatre’s season or keep alert for information as to what is happening. Bob and I did not see this play until its second week and did not realize that it would be closing shortly. However, we want to share information about it so that you might get to see it or at least to check out the offerings at Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Sarah Ruhl is a playwright whose work we had heard about, but had not seen. Based on this play we look forward to seeing other of her plays. The play features Matilde, a Brazilian cleaning woman who does not like to clean and who is looking for the perfect joke and her new boss Lane, a doctor,and Lane’s sister, Virginia who does like to clean. The play is both funny and touching, examining love, sibling rivalry and betrayal in ways that are simultaneously real and magical.

You can hear our brief discussion of the play, but clicking on the link below.

The Clean House Discussion

Williamstown Theatre Festival Website

Click on the photo below to hear Sarah Ruhl talk about becoming a playwright.

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