Where Storms Are Born


Where Storms Are Born plays  on the Nikos Stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival until Sunday, July 23. This is the world premiere of a play about  a contemporary family coping with the death of their older son. Mother and younger son remain.

Four of the seven plays  The Williamstown Theatre Festival is presenting this summer are world premieres.  This provides an exciting opportunity for theatregoers  to discover new talent. Williamstown Theatre Festival has a variety of programs that support new playwrights such as their play readings and writing residencies. Where Storms Are Born emerges from the writing residency of  playwright Harrison David Rivers.

Until now Theatre Talk has been built around the interviews  Bob and I have with theatre people connected to a particular play we have seen  or will be seeing. However, we see many plays where interviews are not possible. Given the quality of plays such as Where Storms Are Born, we have decided to  share information about them on our blog. Bob and I will discuss the plays, not as critics, but as people who appreciate theatre. From now on our blogs will be a mix of discussions  with  actors, directors, producers and others connected with a particular theatre, and production and discussions Bob and I have about plays we have seen.

Click below for our discussion

Where Storms Are Born.


Then click to connect with Williamstown Theatre Festival website


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