Saturday Night Fever – Mac-Haydn Theatre

Saturday Night Fever is the show  that most people requested the Mac-Haydn Theatre  produce this summer. . It runs until July 23. Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with two of the major players, Kate Zulauf who plays Stephanie and Sophia Tzougros who plays Annette, as well as the choreographer, James Kinney. As always, we were amazed to see the transformation of the actors into their roles when we watched them on stage. We were also awed, as we generally are, by the way in which the Mac-Haydn Theatre creates different worlds through costumes, lighting, minimal sets and the talents of the ensemble singers and dancers. The way  artists, such as James , can create dance numbers that take the audience into different musical worlds is joy to watch and appreciate.

Looking at the variety in the current season in terms of Saturday Night Fever and the productions before and to come, shows how remarkable this theatre devoted to musicals is.

Listen to the interview by clicking  the link below. Then click to the link  after that to order your tickets.

Saturday Night Fever Interview

Mac-Haydn Website















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