The Living Room Theatre – Adam and Evie


The Living Room Theatre starts its sixth season with Adam and Evie by Charles Mee in the Carriage Barn of the Park McCullough House in North Bennington through July 14. Seating is limited so call 802-442-5322 for pay what you will tickets to see theatrical magic.

Bob and I have been attending Living Room Theatre productions since they started literally in the living room of co-founders Randolyn Zinn and Allen McCullough. The productions are innovative and exciting whether of classics like Chekov or new plays like Adam and Evie. The New York cast lives with Allen and Randolyn for rehearsals and the run of the plays. This is particularly challenging when it is a cast of fourteen for a unique play such as Adam and Evie. We were delighted to talk with Allen and four of the cast members, Maddie Coyle, Matt Dallal, Rena Gavigan and  Jay Reum about the experience and the play. We were even more delighted when we saw the production. There is a fluidity within the play that enchants because the actors make the  transformations believable.

Be sure to listen to the interviews by clicking on the links below.

Interview about Adam and Evie Part 1

Interview about Adam and Evie Part 2

The Living Room Theatre Website

One thought on “The Living Room Theatre – Adam and Evie

  1. While I commend a few of the performances by the players in the troupe, although the leads’ were quite forced, I found this play offensive and completely inappropriate for today’s world. The white male entitlement of this playwright shone through in the way the various races and types were depicted in such a obscenely stereotypical manner. The dialogue was absurd, and not in a good way. (“I want to give you a peacock.” WTF?) I’m not sure why we were being forced to follow down this playwright’s inane mental journey, but all I could think of was “escape” from that theatre, but we were unfortunately completely blocked in on the back row, which I feel is a criminal offense in the world of theatre. This was such a disappointment after last year’s superb plays and performances. I may not ever return to Living Room Theater.


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