Hiram Delgado – The Model American

             Hiram Delgado, actor.

Bob and I saw The Model American on July 4th. Considering the subject of the play – how an immigrant makes good in the United States, it was appropriate timing. The next day we were fortunate to interview Hiram Delgado who plays the leading role. He is engaging every moment as he changes over the course of the play. It is a performance, along with the others in the fine cast, that should not be missed. The Model American runs until July 9. Click on the link for the Williamstown Theatre Festival below for tickets.  Before, or after doing that, be sure to listen to Hiram talk about his experience as a non-Equity actor in the lead in a new play that was developed at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. The company is dedicated, not only to producing unique and absorbing plays, but to developing new work and new talent among actors and directors through their Professional Training Programs.

Interview with Hiram Delgado

Williamstown Theatre Festival









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