Once is a musical that has won many awards both as a film and as a stage production. Those prizes are well deserved. To realize how well, be sure to see the production at The Weston Playhouse which will be performing until July 15. From the half an hour before show time, when the audience can go on stage for a ginger beer while the ensemble is playing, you will be enchanted by this special love story. One feels the love not only from the two principals but emanating from the entire cast even when Dubliner Billy denounces “the banker from Cork.” As everyone sings, dances, acts and plays their instruments, you enter an enchanted world.

Bob and I were fortunate enough to interview Guy and Girl  (Brad Standley and Julie Benko) However, when we saw them on stage they had transformed from the friendly actors we interviewed into their characters who were living through crucial moments in their lives.

Listen to them by clicking below

Interview with Julie Benko and Brad Stadley.

Then watch Piper Goodeve’s interview with director Micahel Berresse by clicking on the Weston 101 image.


And then get your tickets by either calling the box office 892-824-5288 or clicking on their website westonplayhouse.org

After that click on the picture below it.


                              Julie Benko as Girl and Brad Standley as Guy


                                                           The Ensemble


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