Million Dollar Quartet

December 4, 1956 is an iconic moment in Rock and Roll history. This is when Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis were all at Sun Records with producer Sam Phillips who had started them on their celebrated carers. This unique evening is recreated at the Unicorn Theatre  until July 15. Hopefully, the original evening was as much fun as the one that the audience enjoyed on opening night. Many old favorites like Blue Suede Shoes, Great Balls of Fire, Down By the Riverside had the audience toe-tapping away. After the ninety minute performance, the performers offered an encore of songs that were exhilarating. The skill of the performers, captured the excitement of this music that was to enthrall a generation.

Bob and I had the chance to talk with three of the performers a few hours before a performance after we had enjoyed their performances. Colin Summers who was Carl Perkins, Bill Sheets who was Johnny Cash and Christy Coco who played a girl friend of Elvis who was able to deliver some terrific songs of her own.

Click below to hear the interview, then click the website or call 413-997-4444 for tickets. Even if you are not of the Rock and Roll generation you will have a great time.

Million Dollar Quartet Interview

Berkshire Theatre Group Website


      The original group December 4, 1956



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