Dorset Players Special Event 2017

The fall season for the Dorset Players will mark the beginning of their 90th season as a community theatre. To begin the celebration of this special year, the Players are hosting a concert by Bob Stannard  on May 6 which will help them raise funds for another 90 years. Lynne Worth and Angie Merwin, two active and devoted members of the Dorset Players, talked with us about this fund raiser as well as the financial challenges that confront a community theatre The many unpaid volunteers make the theatre work on stage and behind stage. However there are expenses involving the upkeep of the building, the cost of electricity and heat among other costs. While the community theatre audience enjoys quality theatre at a reasonable price, the Board members need to find different sources of income to pay for repairs and maintenance. This May 6 concert and the reception afterwards is an enjoyable way for theatre goers to support the theatre.

Hear more about the concert and the theatre by clicking below

The Dorset Players  Part 1

The Dorset Players Part 2

Alex Aldrich, executive director of Vermont Arts Council, Angie Merwin, Lynne Worth, Linda Joy Sullivan, Vermont State Representative and Suzi Dorgeloh. Angie Merwin is holding the award from the Vermont Arts  Council . 

                                                    The Dorset Playhouse


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