The Glass Menagerie – Hubbard Hall

The Glass Menagerie is probably Tennessee  Williams most famous  and frequently produced play. When one looks at one’s favorite movies over and over again,  one sees the  performance one remembers. That is not true  seeing a play you have seen before. Each       production is unique. This was evident when I spoke to the director and two actors in Hubbard Hall’s new production of The Glass Menagerie, performing weekends from April 22 to May 7.

Christine Decker, who plays Amanda, the mother in the play, Woodrow Proctor, who is the Gentleman Caller, and Roger Danforth who directed the play, shared their insights into The Glass Menagerie and showed why each production of a play  is new.  If this will be your first time seeing the play, it will be a memorable beginning to  many more visits to this special household.

Listen to their discussion by clicking on the links below and then contact Hubbard Hall to get tickets for the play.

The Glass Menagerie Part 1

The Glass Menagerie Part 2

The Glass Menagerie Part 3

The Glass Menagerie Part 4

Hubbard Hall website

Our Guests

Christine Decker, Amanda
Roger Danforth, Director
Woodrow Proctor, Jim,, The Gentleman Caller

Rehearsal Pictures

Grace Sgambettera as Laura Christine Decker as Amanda
Christine Decker as Amanda and David Snider as Tom







              Christine Decker


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