The Book Club Play

bookpostersmall-768x996Book club members and book lovers are in for a treat when they go to Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, New York, March 4-19 to see The Book Club Play in The Freight Depot. This comedy by Karen Zacarias will delight everyone who has watched group dynamics change when a new member appears on the scene.

Interviewing play director, Kirk Jackson and dramaturg Sam Levitt made us even more eager to attend the performance. We were particularly impressed to learn the details of the role the dramaturg plays in the production. We have posted just a few of Sam’s materials below. To hear the interview, click below.

The Book Club Play Part 1

The Book Club Play Part 2

For more details check out Hubbard Hall’s website.

Hubbard Hall

Here is a sample of some of the material that Sam as a dramaturg shared with the actors.













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