Ancestral Voices

16265657_1496823606997908_1157576696311391821_nThis weekend theatre goers can have an A.R. Gurney festival. On Friday night at 7:30 pm, the Dorset Players are presenting a reading of Ancestral Voices and on Saturday and Sunday, the Bennington Community Theater is performing Love Letters.  As Love Letters was meant to have two actors reading letters, Ancestral Voices is meant to be performed as a reading by several actors. These unique approaches to writing plays are characteristic of Gurney’s work. It will be worthwhile to see both plays to get an idea of Gurney’s variety.

Ancestral Voices is free. Donations are gratefully accepted.

We interviewed the director, Kevin O’Toole and one of the actors Christopher Restino.

Click below to hear the interview.

Ancestral Voices Part 1

Ancestral Voices Part 2

To see what else the Dorset Players are doing this year, click below for their website.

The Dorset Players



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