Maya Cantu and Musical Theatre

6182247The United States is credited with having developed musical theatre as a unique art form. Revivals and DVDs keep many of the older musicals fresh in our memories. New and innovative musicals are continuously being produced, many of them in our area for the first time. Bob and I have delighted in sharing our enthusiasm about the productions of professional, community, college and high school productions we have enjoyed. We also like reading about musical theatre. Recently, there have been several good books on the subject. Imagine how pleased we were to discover that one of those books was written by a faculty member at Bennington College, Maya Cantu. Her book  American Cinderellas on the Broadway Musical Stage also touched on another favorite theme of ours,  women in theatre. Naturally, we contacted her for an interview.Click below to hear what she had to say

Maya Cantu Interview


You might also want to check out her website.


Maya Cantu’s website

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