Fall Festival 2016

ffs15-springfield-cleopatra-espa-043jpg_28206879034_oThe Fall Festival at Shakespeare and Company provides an opportunity for students from  ten area high schools to perform a Shakespearean play. Under the direction of Theatre Artists from Shakespeare and Company, the students work either on stage or backstage with other professionals from Shakespeare and Company. The plays are performed at their high schools and then at the non-competitive Fall Festival where all ten plays are performed. That audience  is their fellow students from the other high school productions.

Fortunately, the public can also have the pleasure of watching these exhilarating performances. The plays are ninety minutes long with dances, sword fights, comedy and drama that have thrilled audiences for four hundred years. This year the dates are November 17 to November 20. For tickets go to the Shakespeare and Company website

Shakespeare and Company

Bob and I interviewed three of the theatre artists who are directing the plays. To hear what the experience is like for the students and the directors, two of whom were in the Fall Festival when they were students in area high schools, click below.

Interview with Fall Festival Theatre Artists




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