Kristen van Ginhoven WAM Theatre

kristenBob and I always enjoy talking with Kristen van Ginhoven, a dedicated theatre professional. As the co-founder in 2010 of WAM theatre, “where art and activism meet,” Kristen has made a  unique contribution to theatre in the Berkshires. Besides providing employment for theatre professionals, WAM contributes 25% of the   box office earnings of its mainstage productions to non-profit organizations that benefit women. Devoted to theatre that focuses on women, WAM has worked with other theatres in the area to present their productions. They also have educational programs. Kristen is an actress, a producer, a director and a teacher. She does a wonderful job  in all her roles, while helping women through WAM in many different ways; telling their stories, giving them work and donating to organizations that benefit women.

This time we met with Kristen in the office of WAM on Church Street in Lenox, MA. after the successful run of The Bakelite Masterpiece whose actors we had interviewed, which she directed.. Among other things, we heard some of the plans for the next season. Click below to listen to our interview with her.

Kristen van Ginhoven

WAM web site


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