A Man of Many Talents

download-8Bob and I first encountered J. Peter Bergman when we read his reviews in various papers. We thought that he brought a great deal of insight into his reports on the productions. His knowledge and appreciation of theatre in all its aspects was evident to us. When we started broadcasting Theatre Talk in 2011, we thought it would be interesting to get a reviewer’s perspective on theatre so we invited him as a guest. We are so glad we did because he brings such richness to his understanding of theatre.


We now regularly invite him once or twice each year to give his perspective on our area theatre at the beginning and the ending of each season. However, we as we have gotten to know Peter, we realize he has many more talents. Just this past week, we enjoyed his staged reading of  Melville…On the Light Side at Herman Melville’s former home, Arrowhead. As Peter says, he co-wrote it with Melville, by imagining a group of Melville scholars reading various passages as they discuss his life and work.  Peter directed the five actors who performed in the historic red barn. Peter is a director of Arrowhead. He created the Edna St. Vincent Millay museum at Steepletop. He is a writer of short fiction, plays and a novel as well as a teacher.  We decided it was time to talk about these aspects of his work as well.

Click below to listen

Interview with J. Peter Bergman

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