Camping with Henry and Tom

2016_featureposter4Reading a review of Camping with Henry and Tom when it was first produced, I was intrigued by the play. Then Bob got a copy of the play  and we both fell in love with it. Since we knew some of the original cast members and could imagine their voices, we kept hoping that we would see a production some day. Then Julie Boyd at Barrington Stage made our dream come true by having Christopher Innvar direct four actors who were perfectly cast. P.J. Benjamin as Thomas Edison, Patrick Husted as Henry Ford, Kevin O’Rourke as Warren G. Harding and Fisher Neal as Colonel Starling.

We interviewed three of the four cast members while the play was in previews. Talking to them we were even more eager to see the play. When we finally did, it exceeded everything we imagined. We will never think of any but these three amazing actors as these characters. They recreated the world of the play. We urge people to see it by October 23. You will go to another time that will help you understand some of our current political climate. There is a fifth character in the play, an offstage deer who becomes very real as the  men react to the animal who is the reason they are in the situation they are in.

After you click on the link below to listen to the interview,  click on the following link to go to the Barrington Stage website.

Interview for Camping with Henry and Tom

Barrington Stage

Camping With Henry and Tom

P. J. Benjamin as Thomas Edison, John Husted as Henry Ford and Kevin O’Rourke as Warren G. Harding





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