Williamstown Theatre Non-Equity Acting Company

tn-500_stephensorokoff-2133Among the educational programs at The Williamstown Theatre Festival is its non-Equity acting program. Drawn from the top graduate programs in theatre,   the  young people in this group  are committed to becoming professional actors. The members of this company are cast in productions in the Free Theatre and Fellowship Project. In the community projects, community members as well as professional theatre artists and non-Equity actors create a play or a musical that is then presented free to the community. This year the play was Orpheus in the Berkshires.  The young actors are also in the casts of six one hour plays directed by the Directing Assistants. They also perform in the cabarets and the play reading series that Williamstown Theatre Festival offers.  This not only gives the young actors experience, but offers free theatrical experiences as audience or participants to members of the community. One of the non-Equity actors we interviewed, Ryan Haddad, was in Orpheus in the Berkshires and discusses his experience. Mia Antoinette, the other non-Equity actor we interviewed, was in The Fellowship Projects, Utopia, MN and The Model American. 

Click below to hear these young actors talk about their experiences this summer.

Interview with Ryan Haddad and Mia Antoinette

Utopia MN
                          Utopia MN
                                            Orpheus in the Berkshires

Williamstown Theatre Festival

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