All My Sons

ams for web-2 (1)Weston Playhouse’s motto is Celebrating the Classics –  Nurturing the New. As a part of celebrating classic plays, they are presenting plays by American Masters.  Given Arthur Miller’s centennial, a play by him was a natural choice. Currently, All My Sons , which first opened on Broadway in 1947 and won the first Tony given for a play, is at the Weston Playhouse until September 4.

Bob and I have seen many productions of the play in its long history. However, this is the first time that the play moved me to tears. This proves that no matter how often you have seen a play, a new production with gifted actors can provide a unique and touching experience of the play and its characters.

Molly  Regan who plays Kate, the mother, in Weston’s production graciously agreed to talk with us between a matinee and an evening performance.  Since we were still absorbing the emotional impact of the performance we had seen at the matinee, we were doubly appreciative of the opportunity to speak with her.

Click below to listen to the interview

Interview with Molly Regan of All My Sons



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