Stage Manager, Dorset Theatre Festival

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          Kelly and her dog

Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill will be performed at the Dorset Theatre Festival from August 18 to September 3. The play tells about the famed Jazz singer’s last days as a performer.

An essential member of the team that puts on a play is the stage manager. We had the pleasure of talking with Kelly Borgia, the Production Stage Manager, the week before technical rehearsals began. She gave us a sense of all that goes into the productions that audiences enjoy. Most people don’t know about all those behind the scenes which Kelly assures us is the way that it should be if they are doing their jobs correctly. Perhaps that is true, but we found it enlightening to talk with her. Kelly also told us what she does when the Dorset Theatre season is over. To listen to the interview with Kelly, click below

Interview with Kelly Borgia

For more information about The Dorset Theatre Festival


                   Marinda Anderson as Billie Holiday and Kenney Green as Jimmy

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