Beauty and the Beast

13522043_1359049037442230_4791313547441371912_nLike most of the theatres in the region, The Berkshire Theatre Group has a range of educational programs throughout the year including  age appropriate productions for school groups throughout the year. There is a school residency program where children write and produce one act plays. There are also apprenticeship programs during the summer. One of the best known of their different programs  is the community theatre production which has been presented for the past eleven years during the summer season. Last year over 6,000 people attended performances of Mary Poppins. Over 120 children and adults from the community took part in the production in different capacities. They may be actors, musicians, backstage crew, ushers, supporting the productions in a variety of ways. Many return more than once. The positions are open to people from third grade through adult. The experience means a great deal  to the participants and involves them in the excitement and creativity of live theatre.

This year, the production is Beauty and the Beast which previews on August 11 and runs until August 19 at the beautiful Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield. Bob and I were fortunate to interview the young people who are playing the title roles in Beauty and the Beast, Raymond White and Christy Coco.  To listen to the interview, click on the link below.

Interview with Beauty and the Beast

Berkshire Theatre Group


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