House Manager at the Dorset Theatre Festival

Andrew Elc
              Andrew Elk

Many people are responsible for making an evening at the theatre a pleasure for the audience. We applaud the actors on stage, but we don’t often share our gratitude with the others who contribute to creating the special world of theatre going.

Since Bob and I thought that some recognition was due these unknown but important players, we decided to interview some of them. We started with Andrew Elk, the House Manger. We had chatted with Andrew before performances at the Dorset Theatre Festival when we arrived early, so we went back to the comfortable cafe area one morning to catch him when he was not too busy. We learned a great deal  and are sure you will as well.

To listen to the interview click on the links below.

Andrew Elk Part 1

Andrew Elk Part 2


Cafe 1
             Dorset Theatre Cafe
cafe 2
                    Dorset Theatre Cafe







For information about The Dorset Theatre Festival tickets and events click here  The Dorset Theatre Festival,



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