The City of Conversation

13681062_10154340782068350_1565166129720048146_nThe City of Conversation opens at  Oldcastle Theatre on August 5 and runs until August 21. Directed by Eric Peterson, the  play provides an historical perspective on politics as it looks at thirty years of events preceding the Obama admin-istration. As indicated by its title, this is a Washington in which there was still civil discourse among politicians, something worth remembering in this particular political season. Although the play does not directly deal with our current situation, it is always useful to consider the lessons that the past has to teach us. This is a play engaging its audience on many levels as it deals with family as well as social issues.

Among the fine actors who bring the characters to life are Bill Tatum, Nan Mullineaux, Christopher Restino, Rick Howe, Christine Decker and Jody Schade. Bob and I had the pleasure of talking with Bill Tatum and Christopher Restiono about the play and about the rehearsal process.


 City of Conversations Interview










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