Round and Round The Garden

RRG for webThis year three theatres in Vermont developed a unique partnership by producing Alan Ayckbourn’s trilogy The Norman Conquests. Each theatre presented a different play, starting with Northern Stage’s production of Living Together  which is set in the living room. Then The Dorset Theatre Festival produced Table Manners set in the dining room and ending with The Weston Playhouse production of Round and Round the Garden which naturally is set in the garden. This last play is ending on July 30. Each play can be seen and enjoyed on its own, although many of the audience saw all three or at least two of them.

Each play had the same set  and lighting designers, but each  had a different director. The experience for the actors as well as for the audience was special. Bob and I had to find out what it was like. Fortunately, we were able to talk with Ashton Heyl who played Ruth and Caitlin Clouthier who played Sarah. Both actors and audience hope these theatres will continue such exciting collaboration in the future.

Interview with Alyson Heyl and Caitlin Clouthier

The Three Theatres

              Northern Stage
           Weston Playhouse
Dorset Theatre Festival




                           Ruth, Norman, Sarah, Reg, Annie and Tom                                                           





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