Pythagorus Theatre Works

13439151_1628000034091618_2508432371449181160_nThe richness of the theatre in our area is impressive. There are companies producing a wide variety of plays for every theatrical taste. A newly discovered jewel on our part is the Pythagorus Theatre Works in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Performing in the historic old Town Hall, this is a company of actors many of you have probably seen in other productions in other theatres over the years. This is the joy of a dramatic community in which many of the artists live and work in the area.

Bob and I had the pleasure of interviewing members of the company as they prepared to present the Edith Wharton plays. Many of us remember when these plays, adapted by Dennis Krausnick, were done at The Mount, the  Edith Wharton estate in Lenox. Discovering them again or for the first time should give great pleasure to theatre goers. The plays will be presented July 28th to 31st and August 2d to the 5th.

Interview with Pythagorus Theatre Works Company

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