Fresh Takes 2016

        Molly Clancy
                              Molly Clancy

Bob and I always  look forward to each play reading at Fresh Takes, a program of WAM Theatre. The third in the series, The Oregon Trail is on Sunday, June 19 at three p.m

We talked with Molly Clancy, who is the curator of the series, to discuss this year’s readings and  WAM’s other theatre  activities. WAM is committed to supporting women both through the plays they select and the organizations to which they donate a portion of their profits.  Often the plays deal with the history of women with whom audiences may not be familiar. Like many theatrical organizations, WAM also has an educational program which Molly talks about as well.

Interview with Molly Clancy

WAM has an office in Lenox, Massachusetts, but it utilizes other spaces for its productions. The readings take place at Number 6 Depot  in West Stockbridge.

       Number Six Depot

Number Six Depot

               The Last Wife Reading
           The Gallery
                  The Gallery




WAM Theatre website

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