Men of Tortuga

13095924_963499650436137_2177261939015492495_nThe Living Room Theatre of North Bennington is opening its fifth season on June 8 with Men of Tortuga by Jason Wells, a contemporary play. In the past, the company has done classics by Anton Chekov and last year an Absurdist classic, Ionesco’s Exit the King. Founded by Allen McCullough and Randolyn Zinn this is a resident company where the actors actually reside with the founders in their home on the grounds of the Park McCullough house, a well-known destination point. Each year Bob and I look forward to the intimate productions which take place in a variety of places. Depending on the play the acts may move from outdoors to inside the Park McCullough House Barn or be in different locations within the Barn.

Bob and I were delighted to learn that this year the company will present two different productions. Men of Tortuga is running from June 8 to June 18, Wednesdays through Saturdays at 7:30 pm. All Wednesdays are pay what you will. The next production opens  August 3rd. We look forward to interviewing members of the company before that show opens. This time we were fortunate to talk with Allen McCullough and Ken Forman.

Allen McCullough and Ken Forman Part 1

Allen McCullough and Ken Forman Part 2

Park McCullough Barn
Set by Angus McCullough for Men of Tortuga


Rehearsal picture for Men of Tortuga


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