Oldcastle Operations and Marketing Director

Erika 10365871_10154120522515134_6285273307388020867_nIn April, just before the school’s spring vacation, we had the pleasure of talking with Erika Floriani, Oldcastle’s Operations and Marketing Director to find out about the many elements that make a theatre company run. One of Erika’s jobs is being sure that everyone knows about all the events and productions that are happening at Oldcastle.  Erika had a great deal to share including telling us about all  the social media with which she deals. We have provided some links to the various locations in which you can find out  what is happening in this, our own Bennington Equity theatre company.

Interview with Erika Part 1                  

images (3)

Interview with Erika Part 2

Oldcastle web  site

Facebook page




WEB_Old_Castle_3_buell_0809_tx728_fsharpenoldcastle-theatre-company-02-842x474 (1)

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