When Johnny Came Home

unnamed (1)The Dorset Theatre Festival’s Local First Festival of New Plays concludes  on Saturday, April 23 at 12:30 P.M. with When Johnny Came Home  by Robert Sugarman. Directed by Kirk Jackson, the play will be performed at the Left Bank Gallery in North Bennington.

At the end of World War II, the United States government, wishing to avoid the mistakes in the treatment of veterans of World War I which culminated in the Bonus Marches, passed a bill offering many benefits to returning veterans such as low cost mortgages, low interest loans and tuition and living expenses for  college education. Both colleges and veterans benefited from this GI Bill. In his play, Bob Sugarman explores the challenges and frustrations individual veterans and their families and friends experienced during this time.

Since Bob is co-host of Theatre Talk, he had the chance to be on the other side of an interview while talking about the play and the upcoming reading. He was pleased that his play was one of the three readings that the Dorset Festival sponsored, joining Oliver Wadsworth and Steve Monroe in this opportunity to hear from audiences their thoughts about the plays.

In live radio, as in life, not everything always runs smoothly so the introduction to the program and my first question were not recorded, but the rest is fine so enjoy listening.

When Johnny Came Home Part 1

When Johnny Came Home Part 2

The three playwrights

 Steve Monroe, Oliver Wadsworth, Bob      Sugarman


Here are some pictures of Syracuse University in 1948 showing veteran’s housing.


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