The Crucible

CrucibleWEB-768x1024Since this year marks the 100th anniversary of Arthur Miller’s birth, many theatres are doing productions of his plays. For the next four week ends, April 16 to May 8, Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, New York will be offering The Crucible,  an examination of the Salem witch trials.

Later this summer Weston Playhouse will be performing All My Sons and Oldcastle Theatre will be doing a production of The Ride Down Mount Morgan.  Theatre goers will benefit from seeing  all these productions and savoring the variety of themes which Miller undertook as he examined the complexities of  American life. All My Sons reveals the results of war profiteering and The Ride Down Mount Morgan, the nature of marriage in contemporary society.

When The Crucible was first produced in 1953, it seemed a response to the witch hunting tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy. However, it resonates currently in terms of the fear inciting tactics of some contemporary politicians. We had the pleasure of talking with the director Jeannine Haas and actress Lia Russell-Self. There were some technical problems with the first few seconds of the recording so keep listening.

The Crucible Part 1

The Crucible Part 2

It is always exciting to go behind the scenes and Hubbard Hall has made that possible with this video.

Behind the Scenes of The Crucible


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