The Belle of Amherst

BelleEmily Dickinson is a major figure in American literature. Her enigmatic poetry has captured the imagination of many as she recreates a special world with her elusive metaphors. Published after her death, her poetry is as intriguing as her life in the restricted 19th century world for women. The Belle of Amherst is a one woman play written in 1976 and first performed by the legendary Julie Harris.  Fortunately, The Oldcastle Theatre Company is offering a production this coming weekend.

Paula Mann, whom audiences have enjoyed in Oldcastle productions such as   Third, Rembrandt’s Gift and Other People’s Money, will bring The Belle of Amherst to life this weekend, April 1, 2 and 3. Performances Friday and Saturday nights are at  7:30 pm and Sunday at 2 pm. We were fortunate to talk with Paula about the play and about her work as a faculty member in drama at Green Mountain College.

Belle of Amherst Part 1

Belle of Amherst Part 2

Paula Mann
                            Paula Mann

Lea Newman who has written  Emily Dickinson, “Virgin, Recluse and Rebel: 36 Poems, Their Backstories, Her Life will be at the performances with her book which will be for sale.



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