Play Readings

12509707_10153825804438350_3774876878152350831_nBob and I enjoy going to readings of plays. Last Saturday, we were at the Bennington Museum at a play reading of A Kiss Like No Other.  This is a part of a series of three plays by Vermont playwrights  produced by the Dorset Theatre Festival. The first play was  a one person play, The Tarnation of Russell Colvin  written and performed  by Oliver Wadsworth  at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester. The final play When Johnny Came Home,  which Bob wrote, will be at the Left Bank in North Bennington on April 23 at 12:30 pm.  

Most play readings are free. If there is a charge, it is minimal.  Dina Janis, the artistic director of The Dorset Festival. observed at this last reading, one can see the magic of the actor’s work because without anything but the script, they bring the characters and the situations alive.

Oldcastle Theatre Company does readings of plays they are considering for production. Earlier this winter we saw an intriguing production of a play about Edgar Allan Poe. We interviewed the director Gary Poe, who is a somewhat distant relative of Edgar Allan. Oldcastle did another reading which we missed, but hear was very good. One of the advantages of readings is that the audience can give feedback to the playwrights. So when you hear of play readings, make sure to go and have a unique experience of seeing a play as it is emerging.

Gary Poe on Edgar Allan Poe Part 1

Gary Poe on Edgar Allan Poe Part 2


      Gary Poe  Director, Poe Reading
Gary Poe
Director, Poe Reading

The Playwrights.

Robert Sugarman
Steve Monroe
Steve Monroe
Oliver Wadsworth
Oliver Wadsworth


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