Shakespeare and Company Schools Tour

            Talk back with students

Every year in late winter and spring,  Shakespeare and Company sends out six young actors to present a Shakespearean play to schools in the Northeast. Besides performing all the parts in a 90 minute version of the play. after each performance the actors have  a talk back with the students. If the schools wish, the actor/teachers also offer workshops of various types.

The touring play  is performed later  at The Mount, the Edith Wharton estate, during the summer.   This year, for the first time, the company is offering a choice of  two plays. Macbeth and Twelfth Night. Twelfth Night will be the play performed at The Mount.

Having seen the productions at The Mount over the past few years, we are impressed with the quality of the productions and the skill of the actors. After watching a performance of Macbeth for elementary and middle school students, we had the opportunity to talk with the actors and the play’s director, Jonathan Croy.

Shakespeare Regional Tour Part 1

Shakespeare Regional Tour Part 2


                                                        Workshops with Students


Students at Workshpo 4

Students at Workshop 1






Students at Workshpo 3Students at Worksohp 2







Actor Selfie with Rich
                   This year’s actors plus friend

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