Dorset Theatre Festival 2016

203287248-0D40-CB4A-383F41E592E0A73DThe Dorset Theatre Festival has long offered Southern Vermont residents and visitors a variety of plays each summer.  Dina Janis, the company’s Artistic Director, spoke to us about this year’s program as well as other events with which the company is involved. One of the most intriguing and innovative  is the collaboration with Northern Stage and The Weston Playhouse in producing  Alan Ayckbourn’s trilogy, The Norman Conquests. Audiences will  see each play of the trilogy at a different theatre.  The first play will be performed at Northern Stage, the second at The Dorset Theatre Festival and the last at The Weston Playhouse. The same actors will be in each production.

images (1)
The three artistic directors Dina Janis (Dorset Theatre Festival), Steve Stettler (Weston Playhouse) and Carol Dunne (Northern Stage).

The rest of Dorset Theatre’s season is equally exciting as are some ot the theatre’s other activities.

Dorset Theatre Festival 2016 Part 1

Dorset Theatre Festival 2016 Part 2

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