Mornings at Seven – Reading

DSC04227The Dorset Players offer theatre productions during the fall, winter and spring.  This year they are adding a new dimension with readings of plays. Tom Ferguson who has acted at The Dorset Players, The Dorset Theatre Festival and Oldcastle Theatre is directing the reading of Mornings at Seven  which will take place on Friday, February 12 at 7:30 pm at the Dorset Theatre. The performance is free although donations are gratefully accepted. Tom and Sheila Childs, who will be reading the stage directions, talked with us about the play.

We discussed  the different types of play readings available. There are those of new plays where the audience input is helpful to the playwright and the prospective producer. Then, there are those such as Mornings at Seven where there is an opportunity to see older plays that may no longer find productions because of their large casts. One of the advantages of community theatres is that they provide audiences with the opportunity to see such plays either through readings or productions.

Mornings at Seven Part 1

Mornings at Seven Part 2

Mornings at Seven Part 3

Mornings at Seven Part 4


Tina Cutler and Jim Young
Suzi Dorgeloh and Errol Hill


Drew Hill, Elizabeth Karet, Rebecca Nawrath
MJ Perkins
Bob Fry


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