The Imaginary Invalid

7d7954c1-fb55-4fcc-8169-87b8b4dcd36bThe Mount Anthony High School Drama Club is presenting Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid at the Oldcastle Theatre Company, January 27 through January 30 at 7 pm each of those evenings.  We were fortunate to talk to four of the cast members, Sebastian Durfee, Cole Lamoureaux, Nadine Morgan and Thea Pappas who told us about how rehearsals have been going. The tickets are six dollars and can be purchased at the theatre or at the high school.  The play is double cast so people might want to go and see it twice.

As we talked with the students, it became clear how important theatre programs are for young people.  Besides providing audiences with a chance to see plays that are not often presented,  these productions  provide experiences for young performers that will last beyond graduation.

The Imaginary Invalid Part 1

The Imaginary Invalid Part 2

Caleb Bishop, Jordan Peters,Thomas Tifft,

Thomas Tifft, Jordan Peters, Abby HensleyArgan chasing Toinette 3

Abby Hensley, Thomas Tifft, Ben Bushee

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