Theatre Audiences

SSF_Bain_H-336-web Bob and I  often ask performers about audiences and they testify to the importance of the interaction between the audience and the performance. Each night in a theare is different because each audience is different. When we complimented an actor on his outrageous costume in a comedy we had seen him perform, he said  about a particular audience, “Nobody laughed. They didn’t laugh for the entire performance.”

The audience doesn’t often get a chance to share its views, other than by how they respond as the play progresses. Sometimes they do at talk backs which have become common in regional theatres. Usually they  just share their opinions with their friends. Therefore, we think that it makes sense to invite members of an audience to talk with us about their experience of theatre.

Audience Part 1

Audience Part 2

Audience Part 3

Audience Part 4

Audience of Children
Audience at the New Globe Theate

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