Reader’s Theatre

medium_Carol_20Poster_20ImageEach year December brings some version of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. We were fortunate enough to see a Reader’s Theatre version of the book by Gary Meitrott’s Shakespeare on Main Street. Five actors in costume, script in hand read the book, taking different roles, including alternating the role of Scrooge. The five actors were Martin Bones,  Jonathan White, Meg Wood, Lawrence Zupan and Zachary Zupan.  A scene from the performance is below. Click on the link The Ghost of Marley to see it.

This led us to talking about Reader’s Theatre which we discuss in this program.

Readers Theatre Part 1

Readers Theatre Part 2“>The Ghost of Marley


One of the first  readers theatre was Don Juan In Hell with Charles Laughton, Charles Boyer, Edward Hardwick and Agnes Morehead. It toured in 1949. Fortunately, there is a recording of the play You may click on this link to listen to part of it.“>



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