Holiday Radio Extravaganza

Oldcastle radio showChristmas has always been an important part of radio from the times when Lionel Barrymore read A Christmas Carol for Orson Welles at the Campbell Playhouse to when radio favorites like Blondie and Fibber McGee and Molly told their own Christmas stories. Christmas carols poured forth from early radios to car radios to today’s iphones. In keeping with this honored tradition, WBTN is in its third year of presenting a live radio broadcast at the Oldcastle Theatre in Bennington. The first year Robert Ebert, who had a program on the station, organized the program. Since then Oldcastle Theatre, under the guidance of Eric Peterson, has produced the show.

Seeing a radio show happen before your eyes instead of imagining it is a great deal of fun. Many talents from the Bennington community will be contributing to the program. As people with a radio show, who never know who is listening, Bob and I find the idea of the audience and the performers  in the same space exciting.  The show starts at 7:30 pm at Oldcastle Theatre and on WBTN on Saturday, December 19. If you can’t see it at the theatre,  you can listen to the program at home or in your car or on your computer. Besides, this is a fund raiser for two important cultural organizations in our town, WBTN and Oldcastle Theatre. If there are no tickets available for the  live broadcast, you can always contribute directly to either of those worthy organizations by sending a check.

Listen to Eric tell what will be on the program and then be there on Saturday or tune into WBTN 1370 or stream it on your computer.

Holiday Radio Extravaganza Part 1

Holiday Radio Extravaganza Part 2



radio sound images


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