Riggs Theatre 37

Kevin Coleman at Riggs Theatre 37
Kevin Coleman at Riggs Theatre 37

The Austen Riggs Psychiatric Center has an activities program that includes arts, crafts and drama. Set up in 1954 by Joan Erikson, wife of Erik Erikson who was on the staff at the Center, the program recognizes how valuable the arts are in people’s lives. Kevin Coleman, the Educational Director at Shakespeare and Company, is also the director of Riggs Theatre 37 which offers classes, in house performances and theatrical productions.  These productions, which are open to the public, take place at the Lavender Door in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The theatre seats 75 people.

Their upcoming production is a Feydeau farce, The Patsy. The performances are from December 15 to December 23 at 7:30 pm at The Lavender Theatre. Kevin talked to us about the production as well as his work at Austen Riggs.

Riggs Theatre 37 Part 1

Riggs Theatre 37 Part 2
Riggs Theatre-jp

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