The Economics of Theatre

Dorset Theatre Festival

As much as theatre goers enjoy the live productions that unfold before them on the various stages, there are economic realities to be understood. The price of the ticket is the one of which the audience is most aware. But there are the other costs in terms of the actors, directors, producers, designers and all the many people whose work contributes to those magical moments in the dark as the actors share the playwright’s vision with those unseen observers in the dark.

To gain perspective on this, Bob and I invited three artistic producing directors from area theatres to talk with us, Eric Peterson from Oldcastle Theatre, Steve Stettler from the Weston Playhouse and Dina Janis from the Dorset Theatre Festival. Dina could not attend because she was in New York receiving a financial award for the Dorset Theatre Festival. Molly Hennighausen, the company’s Managing Director. came in her place. A range of issues were discussed. There was somewhat of a problem with Molly’s microphone so not all of her comments  are as clear to the listener as they were in the studio.

fb logo
Oldcastle Theatre Company
Weston Playhouse, Summer 2015
Weston Playhouse











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