Fall Festival 2015

Kevin Coleman addressing a Fall Festival audience.

The Fall Festival is one of the highlights of the season at Shakespeare and Company. This is the 27th year for this amazing program which begins this year on Thursday, November 19 and runs through Sunday November 22. Ten area high schools each give a performance of a Shakespeare play. For a schedule of the plays go to http://www.shakespeare.org/

We were fortunate to interview Kevin Coleman, the Director of Education at Shakespeare and Company about this remarkable program where high school students, not only perform, but are most of the audience for the performances as they watch each other’s productions. We were also fortunate to interview three of the young directors working with the students at different high schools. These were young people whose performances we have enjoyed in different productions at Shakespeare and Company.  One of them. Annie Considine, was also in the Fall Festival when she was a student in high school. We found a video she made while she was in her college drama program talking about the Fall Festival.

Some of the photos and the videos will give you a sense of what the program is like.  The  photos and videos are from past years. Nothing equals seeing these productions, each last ninety minutes and is performed with energy, zest and understanding.

Interview with Kevin Coleman



Interview with Fall Festival Directors














Annie Considine 2011


Common Class


24th Annual Fall Festival Select Scenes



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