Holy Laughter

4a91036a-7c52-459e-9502-042e85484e9b-8940730928Holy Laughter  is WAM Theatre’s Fall production running on weekends until November 22 at the Barrington Stage Company’s Blatt Center on Linden Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The play is a comedy about a young woman priest in an Episcopal church that has known better times. There are many surprises as the audience gets to know the characters over the course of the play.

Bob and I had a delightful interview with the playwright and the director on the first day of rehearsal. Catherine Trieschmann, the playwright, had good advice for prospective playwrights. Conversing with the creative artists so early in the process is exciting before seeing their ideas fulfilled in the production. Just as watching the actors through their performances bring a fuller reality to the playwright’s and director’s vision so does seeing the model of the set realized on stage. Besides our interview, the rehearsal pictures and video will give you an idea of how a play develops into the final theatrical experience for the audience.

Holy Laughter Interview Part 1

Holy Laughter Interview Part 2

Catherine Trieschmann and Megan Sandberg-Zakian, playrwright and director
Amie Lytle as Abigail and Ron Komora as Lloyd


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