J. Peter Bergman, Fall, 2015

PBergman-31As theatre goers, we read reviews, often after we have seen the play. The reviewer we always check is J. Peter Bergman since his discussions of the plays are always thoughtful and enlightening. Since 2012, we have had the pleasure of talking with Peter on our Theatre Talk program. If we see Peter at a performance, we know as soon as the play is finished, he will be rushing home to write his review. Given his extensive experience in theatre in many different capacities, his insights deepen our understanding and appreciation of what we have seen.

Each year we enjoy hearing his review of the previous season although as he noted when he arrived at the radio station, the theatre season seems to be getting longer and there are plays to see in October and beyond. In New York City the season begins in the fall unlike in the regions when it is concentrated during the summer. In Southern Vermont and the Berkshires, we are fortunate to have as many theatres as we do who extend their seasons. We also have colleges in the area with drama programs that put on intriguing productions as well. Peter doesn’t review them although he does review smaller non-equity productions in the area. Besides his commentary on specific plays, Peter also has a perspective on the larger issues of theatre.

His website, Berkshire Bright Focus is one that it is worth bookmarking and checking regularly. http://www.berkshirebrightfocus.com/

Peter Bergman, 2015, Part 1

Peter Bergman, 2015, Part 2

Peter Bergman, 2015, Part 3

Peter Bergman, 2015, Part 4

As a bonus, here is our first interview with Peter in 2012

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