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Molly Clancy

Play readings have a magic of their own. The audience is on the first step of a process leading to productions. Not all plays go from the readings to the stage, but this is where they start. Each year WAM Theatre offers a series of play readings in a coffee house in West Stockbridge, MA. The plays are always intriguing and it is amazing the worlds that actors can create with their scripts in hand after about six hours of rehearsal. We interviewed Molly Clancy who coordinated the reading series this year. She also directed Water by the Spoonful, one of our favorites..

WAM  does one full production each year. This year the play is Holy Laughter  which will be performing at the St. German Theatre in Pittsfield from October 29 to November 22. Our interview with the playwright and the director will be on WBTN on November 2.

Interview with Molly Clancy Part 1  

Interview with Molly Clancy Part 2

The Effect
The Effect
Water by the Spoonful
Water by the Spoonful“>

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