His Girl Friday

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Christopher Innvar as Walter Burns and Jane Pfitsch as Hildy Johnson

Drawing from the Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur play The Front Page and from the Columbia movie  John Guare has provided a fast-paced, hilarious adaptation which is running at the Barrington Stage’s Boyd-Quinson Mainstage until August 30. Set on the eve of World War II, the play is a fresh and funny look at a fantasy world of journalism which has disappeared into our media universe. Wise-guy journalists, incompetent police, corrupt politicians, indignant bystanders and the innocent accused fill the stage with clever lines and convincing emotions. This production proves that a good play with a few tweaks lasts over time. The large cast is delightful with each actor playing both a type and a person fully. The diatribe against women writers is one of the highlights of a show with many highlights.

Given that theatrical life off stage can be as busy as the life on stage, we didn’t get any interviews, but the video will give you a sense of this production and should whet your appetite to see it.

Christopher Innvar as Walter Burns and Mark H. Dold as Bruce Baldwin
Jane Pfitsch as Hildy Johnson, Peggy Pharr Wilson as Mrs. Baldwin and Anya Whelan Smith as Mollie Malloy
Phoning in a scoop


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