I Hate Hamlet

Benjamin Peterson

As the summer winds down, there are some excellent plays still to see if you have missed them. I Hate Hamlet  is playing at the Dorset Theatre Festival through September 6. Set in John Barrymore’s New York City apartment, it shows why actors as diverse as John Barrymore and Benedict Cumberbatch have played or are currently playing Hamlet. In some ways it is a love letter to the theatre. It is very funny with each actor  perfectly cast in his or her part. It is a blending of past and present with contemporary humor and nods to traditional theatre.

Bob and I  had not seen the play before although it is one of the most frequently produced  plays in regional theatres, high schools and community theatres. We didn’t get to interview any cast members because of their busy schedules, but at the end of a video Paul Rudnick, the playwright, talking about a book he wrote, recounts a famous incident from the first production of the play.

J. D.Taylor, CaroleMonferdini, Haley Bond and Annie Meisels
David Lansbury
J. D. Taylor
J. D. Taylor


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