Black Comedy

Amanda Garcia, Gary Poe and Jim Staudt

After seeing Black Comedy at Oldcastle Theatre, I am convinced that true comedy has to be seen in a theatre. The physicality of this production cannot be duplicated on any screen. Enhancing the experience at Oldcastle is the size and shape of the theatre which brings the audience close to the action. The premise of this play by Peter Shaffer is that the actors are in the dark. The main fuse has blown and the characters stumble around in a darkened apartment. Peter Shaffer, who has written such plays as The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Equus and Amadeus, makes the premise that when the stage is dark for the audience, it is light for the characters and when the stage is light for the audience, it is dark for the characters.

Bob and I interviewed the director, Tim Foley, and the lead actor, Jim Staudt before opening night. Although we have been great admirers of their past work, nothing sufficiently prepared us for the delight of this performance. A great deal of this is due to Tim’s skillful direction and Jim’s amazing athleticism. However, each actor on stage is so completely into his or her character that this is one of the funniest productions of this slapstick comedy that we have ever seen.

Interview with Tim Foley and Jim Staudt Part 1

Interview with Tim Foley and Jim Staudt Part 2

Ana Anderson and Jim Staudt
Christine Decker, Peter Langstaff and Gary Poe

One thought on “Black Comedy

  1. Dear Sally, Somehow I am no longer on your Blog list and I very much want to receive your blog regularly. I love your theatre news and reviews. Miriam Silver forwarded your latest blog to me — and I trust this reply will get me back on your list again. I am recovering gradually from the fractured pelvis I suffered from my second fall — and I am looking forward to being able to attend opening nite at Oldcastle’s “Lion in Winter, and to seeing you and Bob there again. . . .” All best, Lea


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